Calie Books With A Focus on Domestic and Dating Abuse: It could happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone!
Every 9 seconds, a woman is battered in the U.S.!
95% of all victims of domestic violence are women!
Abuse is about POWER and CONTROL, NOT about passion or love! Abuse is NOT okay!
Spousal abuse happened to our daughter. She lived with domestic abuse, and we didn't realize how far it had gone until she was killed by her husband after just two years of marriage!
This website is about Margie and our journey after we lost her to domestic murder.
"To live in the hearts of those left behind is not to die."
Please learn from our painful experience! Read our story of Margie and what we learned.
And read about how young people today need to cope with dating abuse.
Don't become a victim. Don't let someone you care about become a victim! Take action now!
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"We wish you could have known our Margie - Could have known what type of daughter, sister and aunt Margie was, and how she touched the lives of those who knew her well. She was the youngest of three sisters; a happy toddler with big brown eyes that were often full of innocent mischief..."

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Margaret E. Bostrom, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

Much loved daughter,
sister, aunt and niece.
Died too soon.
Our story of why we began writing and getting involved in
Stopping Abuse...
Eastern Autumn

The sky is so blue, Margaret.
The clouds puffy and white.
The air crisp and invigorating.
The day is a great one to be alive - 
   in New England.

The maples are bright crimson,
  yellow, and scarlet.
Contrasting deep green pine trees.
Orange and golden leaves are also
  part of nature's palette.
How can I be sad on a day like this?

How can I ever be happy again?
You came east looking forward to
  autumn's magic.
But in August, you left his life
So many dreams unfulfilled.

I feel your touch, hear your gentle
Ma, don't cry. I can see all the magic
  from here.
My view is vast and quite beautiful.
But I can't see you, Margaret.

...Shirley Pierce Bostrom
  Autumn of 1996
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